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Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group, speaks from experience as an entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive plus advisor and coach. Les Wolff has "walked the walk and talked the talk." The knowledge that he imparts with passion has been learned in the toughest of schools, "Real Life!", in the trenches, on top of the mountain and everywhere in between. He stands ready to custom tailor a program to fit the needs and budget of the client.

Audiences benefit by Les' Speeches, resulting in -

  • Stimulating the audiences' Thinking & Creativity
  • Motivating the audiences' Actions by Providing Guidance to the Right Steps to Take
  • Activating Company Management to be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

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Practical How To Speeches with High Interaction

Les educates and entertains audiences while discussing the challenges facing them in today's business world. He offers practical "how-to" solutions that can be easily implemented. He talks from the audience's perspective with 45+ years of solid sales, marketing and management expertise serving small business and Fortune 500 companies.

Potential Topics for Speaking

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What Smokin' Joe Taught Me About Knocking Out the Competition

What does it take to win in one of the toughest competitions in the world ... the Olympics? What are the characteristics and the actions it takes to become a world Champion As Smokin' Joe Frazier's Business Manager of 7 years, Les found many of aspects of his life that made this man a “Legend” can help a business and/or executive become a “winner.” He has added this presentation and others that build off of the legacy of this icon.

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Smokin' Joe & Les

Small Business

Smart Marketing for Small Business

This is a concept Les calls “Interactive Dialogue” where the audience becomes a co-presenter. It has a high degree of audience interaction with focus on practical and "outside the box thinking" approaches to common marketing problems and situations.

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Baby Boomer Marketing

Baby Boomers are the largest, richest and fastest growing demographic segment of our society, but often the most misunderstood. Increasingly studies have shown the vitality of this part of the population although many marketers (their children & grandchildren) don't believe or understand how to communicate to this audience. "Baby Boomer Marketing" opens eyes and provides guidance to maximizing the potential of this group no matter what business you are in.

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Baby Boomers

Sampling of Places & Groups Les has spoken for:

  • Sales Executive Club of NYC
  • Marketing Communications Executives International
  • Annual Conference
  • Advertising Age's Magazine
  • High Intensity Workshop on Marketing Strategy (11 years)
  • Best Local/Regional Marketing Campaigns Competition (5 years)
  • Specialty Advertising Association International
  • Sales Marketing and Management Magazine - Plus scores of Ad and Sales Clubs nationwide
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