About Leslie R. Wolff - CEO of Smart Marketing Group

Leslie R. Wolff

Marketing is both an art and a science and one of the most expert practitioners is Leslie Wolff. He has 45+ years in the marketing area involving in all aspects; creative, strategic, tactical, execution, implementation, and evaluation. He has served start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and has lecture and written about marketing and all its individual elements. An experienced sales, marketing and management business professional with expertise in sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, training, sales promotion, new business and product development. He as lectured on marketing, sales, promotion and communications throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

14 Years - Author of Promotional Marketing Column
Counselor Magazine

11 Years - Instructor on Marketing Strategy
Ad Age Magazine

5 Years - Author "Outthinking The Competition" Column
Ad Age Magazine

3 Years - Teaching Consumer Promotion
American Management Association

Created and Implemented

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Employee Motivation Campaigns
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Sales Incentive Campaigns

Developed, Wrote, and Coordinated

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Training Programs
  • Sales Promotion Campaigns

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