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An author and lecturer, Les educates and entertains audiences while discussing the challenges facing them in today's business world. He offers practical "how-to" solutions that can be easily implemented. An expert in the largest niche in the USA, small businesses, Les has something to offer that will benefit any organization whether in the service, manufacturing, retail or non-profit arena. He will custom tailor presentation to fit the situation, from 30 minutes to all day. Pick from:

Speeches: Passionately Interactive - Custom Tailored to Your Audience

  • What Smokin' Joe Frazier Taught Me About Knocking Out the Competition - A fun and interactive speech comparing boxing to business with lessons to be learned and applied immediately.
  • Commonsense Marketing - It's not brain surgery
  • Creating A Success Oriented Environment - A positive workplace produces positive results
  • Customer Recruitment Marketing - How to stand out from your competition
  • Customer Retention Marketing - It s cheaper to keep customers than to chase them
  • Outthink Your Competition Rather Then Outspend Them - A smarter thing to do
  • Rules for the Real World - A guideline for college students
  • Smart Marketing for A Small Business - David can beat Goliath … again
  • So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur - Understanding what it take to succeed
  • When Things Get Tough - Retreat, Retrench, Reinvent & Re-Emerge

Great for the College Audiences – Custom Tailored to Your Audience

  • Attitude Defines Your Altitude - How to have a long, high flying flight
  • So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur - Understanding what it take to succeed
  • Create A Marketing Plan for Your Life - Turning wishes into realities

Workshops: (Webinar or Teleseminar Formats can be Developed)

  • Smart Marketing for Small Business - Has no limitation on number of participants. It is either a half or full day event and like the "Roundtable" has a high degree of audience interaction with focus on practical and "outside the box thinking" approaches to common marketing problems and situations. Ideal for exhibits related to sponsors products and services, which can be intertwined into part of the presentation.
  • Smart Marketing Conversations - Three hours, open participation but limited to 200 people. A review of often overlooked ways a company can enhance their marketing efforts. Plus a brainstorming session to address individual attendees concerns.
  • Smart Marketing Roundtable - Is for a limited attendance, no more than 100 participants at a time, usually restricted to noncompetitive businesses. This format offers more personalized attention and is an ongoing program (monthly or quarterly). Duration is suggested between 2- 4 hours. It can be held during the day, evenings or weekends, whatever is best suited for the targeted audience.
  • Smart Marketing for CEOs - Similar to the "Roundtables" limited to 25 participants who are in non-competitive businesses. This format will require participants to file a pre-session profile/survey. Suggested 3- 5 hours in length.

For more details on a presentation or program custom tailored to your needs and budget contact Les @

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